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Related Knowledge of Kitchen Faucet

Twelve useful tips about kitchen faucet

1, Handle: compound faucet is simple to use, because the water tank when in use, usually only one hand is empty.

2, The water outlet: the outlet on the height can make easier to fill the basin.

3, Rotation angle: can be rotated 180 degrees so that the work becomes easy, and can be rotated 360 degrees in the house is meaningfule just for a central sink.

4, Stretching showerheads: the effective radius increases, sinks and containers can be filled quickly.

5, Tube length: experience has shown that the tube in 50 cm long is enough to use, the market can buy 70 cm or more tubes.

6, Extendable showerhead tube: In order not to issue a harsh sound, you should try to avoid using the metallic pipe.

7, Anti-calcification system: will deposit calcium in showerhead and automatic cleaning system, the same situation also occurred on the kitchen faucet , which will be gathered silicon.

8, Backflow prevention system: This system prevents dirty water is pumped into the water tube, made of a material. The device equipped with a backflow prevention system will be shown in the packing surface to DVGM signs.

9, Cleaning: streamlined design does not need much cleaning.

10, Material: Stainless steel is sanitary, environmentally friendly. Branded chrome device easy care and harmless to people, but in the manufacturing process also need to add some other elements. It must be noted that the device is what the material, not all countries have such high standards in Germany.

11, Durability: anti-calcification system allows equipment from leaking and damaging the handle.

12, Repair costs: the repairs costs to spend, a variety of devices vary widely. Some of the materials are difficult to get.

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