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Do you kown the common problems of sensor faucet?

Do you kown the common problems of sensor faucet? Now let me tell you about problems and solutions of sensor faucet during use.

1, Can not running water

Cause: (1) sensing distance is shorter; (2) battery power runs out; (3)sensor is dirty; (4) without water; (5) filter dirty; (6) pipe clogging; (7) pressure range is not applicable.

Corresponding solution: (1) wait for 2 minutes before using a remote reset distance; (2) Replace the batteries; (3) cleaning sensor window; (4) Clean the filter; (5) washing pipe; (6) according to spec sheet redesign water pressure.

2, Faucet flow continuously

Cause: (1) pressure is not within the scope of applicable; (2) battery power is exhausted.

Corresponding solution: (1) redesigned according to specifications table; (2) Replace the batteries.

3, A small amount of water after turning off sensor faucet

Cause: (1) filter dirty; (2) pressure is not within the scope of applicable;

Corresponding solution: (1) clean the filter; (2) redesign according to specifications.

4, Water yield is too small

Cause: filters is dirty

Corresponding Solution: Clean the filter

Sensor Faucet

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