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How to choose to buy basin faucet? (2)

Choosing basin faucet, there must be adequate care and relatively specialized product knowledge. So that it can be better to buy basin faucet with the right and excellent product quality. Also try to choose well-known brands of basin faucets.

Select the brand: choose faucet brand with more perfect after-sales service

1. Consumers should go to regular markets and supermarkets to buy brand faucets. Brand goods have brand identity, non-formal or poor quality products are often the product of some paper label pasted only, even without any markup. The basin faucet package should have brand identity, quality assurance and after-sales service card.

2. Look for faucet quality testing book: to protect the interests

In general, consumers in the purchase, can take the way to estimate weight to identify, brass harder heavier, zinc alloy lighter softer. However, the experts of Shijiazhuang Master Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd believe that weight should not be judged solely on the quality of the quality of basin taps. Because of some basin taps faucet manufacturers by increasing the thickness or adding other metal materials, can also make up basin taps weigh heavier. Consumers demanded the best product test report to the sales staff, if the test report says producets are qualified qroducts, the producets are quality.

In addition, consumers should choose a more durable overall casting basin  faucet. Overall casting basin taps beat up sound more boring, consumers in the purchase by tapping basin taps to determine whether the overall casting basin taps.

3. See water flow: rich foam, soft

Consumers in the purchase, you should try to choose basin taps with a bubbler

and water hand touch feeling. Soft and rich foaming water to illustrate better quality bubbler. Bubbler generally have six, usually made of metal grilles, water passes through the grilles will be cut into the middle of a lot of water mixed with a small air so that the water will not splash.

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