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How to choose to buy basin faucet? (1)

Faucet is life products, which is essential to our daily lives. A good basin faucet can be used for many years, poor quality of basin taps may be easily broken. If the basin faucet leaks or bad use every day, will bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives. How to choose and buy good quality basin taps for everyone?

1. Look basin faucet appearance: bright and beautiful plating

After basin faucet grinding and polishing forming, surface of basin taps is plated nickel or chrome to prevent oxidation, after plated nickel or chrome to make medium-sized hydrochloric acid test, the coating should be no corrosion within a certain time after test.

When consumers purchase, place the basin faucet in the place with enough light to see, Basin faucet should be bright as a mirror surface, no oxidation spots, scorch marks, no holes, no blistering, plated seamless, uniform color; touch no glitches, sand; after pressing with a finger tap, fingerprints quickly spread and not easy to attach dirt.

2. Turn the handle basin faucet: supple ease

Common basin faucet valve core contain steel ball valve core and ceramic valve core. Steel ball valve core has a good ability to resist pressure, but the disadvantage is that sealing rubber ring is easy to wear and tear and will be aging. And ceramic valve core is more heat-resistant compared to steel ball valve core, meanwhile ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, so can reach very high resistance to opening times, not due to valve core worn mouth dripping water. Faucet using ceramic valve core feel more comfortable, smooth, and open and close rapidly.

Due to the valve core internal basin faucet, consumers can not see the core during the purchase. But consumers may be simply judged good or bad basin faucet based on the valve core feel when turning the handle. In general, the consumer, turn the handle down, left and right, if feel lightweight, non-sense block is illustrated spool better.

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