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How to Replace the Kitchen Faucet?

Kitchen faucet is broken, how to do? Many people do not replace the faucet, once encountered such a problem, we all are panicked. Familiar words "reliance is yourself", instead of waiting for the maintenance staff came, not as their own hands to solve. Today Shijiazhuang Master Sanitary Wares teach you how to replace the kitchen faucet.

Kitchen faucet replacement procedures:

1. Turn off the main switch, turn off the water.

2. Find the faucet pipe interface, you need to pinch the metal of the top pipe fittings, force to rotate around a few times, then the original old faucet was removed.

3. The original pipe using a long time, will be weathering, water leakage, etc., so take advantage of the occasion to change the faucet, you can put them changed.

4. Hold the faucet, and then further rotate around, twisting loose faucet.

5. Remove the plastic underneath the faucet knobs.

6. Direct Install the new kitchen faucet, then turn the switch to test its total usage.

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