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How to Choose the Kitchen Faucet?

Do you know how to choose kitchen faucet? Now let me introduce the method of choosing high quality kitchen faucet.

(1) Look at the surface

Distinguish good or bad faucet depending on its bright degree, the smoother and brighter surface the better quality representative.

(2) Turn the handle

Good kitchen faucet when turning the grips, no excessive clearance between the faucet and the switch, and easily switch unrestricted, non-skid.

Poor faucet is not only large gap, but also a sense of great disruption.

(3) Listen to the sound

Good faucet is overall cast copper, the sound boring when beating. If the sound is very crisp, that faucet may be stainless steel, quality should poor grade.

(4) Weigh weight

Do not buy too light faucet, too light mainly mainly because manufacturers to reduce costs. Inside hollowed copper faucet looks great, does not take up heavy, relatively easy to withstand the water pressure burst.

(5) Identification mark

General formal faucet has brand identity of manufacturers. Some non-formal product or some poor quality products, often only pasted a few paper label, even without any markings.

Kitchen Faucet


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