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Do you really know notices about faucets installation?

Water gives us life, faucet bring us the source of life. Faucets quality and installation problem has plagued many householders. Despite faucets installation will be processed by professional workers, as head of the household you also need to know some installation techniques.

1. Need water before install the faucet, wash the sediment impurities from water pipes, installation hole of the impurities, and check the accessories don't mix the impurities in the box.

2. With metal hose to connect water pipe, don't need to consider the pipe installation location. But it is important to note that the length of the hose is 30 cm, usually with a metal tube connected to the pipe. You should first buy bibcock, according to faucets hard pipe laying pipe length.Of course, hard tube is better than hose, likewise, when install the sink faucet, laid over the sink, such as pipe is installed into the wall sink faucet for the best, install ordinary conversely sink faucets.

3. It is different between import faucets related parts and domestic taps. Pipes on general import bibcock has the branch of soft and hard, but with hose most, nut side has imperial 3/8 of an inch, matching can only choose imported triangle valve, in addition, the water component nozzle to 1 1/4 inches.

4. When install faucet pipes, you should notice the left is hot water, and on the right is the cold water, two pipe 100 mm - 200 mm apart. Joint position fixed and then unload the faucet, the water after the metope bricklayers, then install the faucet, lest the faucet surface plating was wear and scratches. If the use of imported products, such as strong drench, booster pump installation in advance, to ensure normal water.

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