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Maintenance methods of sensor faucets

The sensor faucets may not regular work sometimes, Experts tell us that maintenance need to according to different issues:
1. Have induction (indicator) no water: first of all determine whether the power supply is normal, with the hand to block the infrared window to observe whether there is a lamp, if there is no reaction, preliminary judgment induction part is defective, you can replace the infrared probe. We suggested here for users, if you have other normal induction faucet, you can put in the infrared part defective faucet water control section (solenoid valve), so it is easy to judge is induction part failure or water control part of the electromagnetic valve failure.
2. No induction (light is not illuminated) perennial drainage: we can remove impurities in front of sensor window and the indicator light is normal, check water control part whether there is sediment or other sundry jam, if it is really does, please to clean it; If you fail to solve fault, please open the electromagnetic valve, clean the valve core of the coil, spring, diaphragm and etc. Then re-installation it. If it is still caged water electromagnetic valve is bad, replace the new electromagnetic valve parts.
3. Have induction (indicator) perennial drainage: first of all, check whether the impurities block water inlet, if not, just after induction with the hand, carefully listen to the electromagnetic valve core is working. Then open the faucet solenoid valve internal and to clean, and then back to the original sample.

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