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Is there a installation difference between kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets

(a)The installation of the kitchen faucet: Because kitchen faucet uses frequency, it is easy to loose, so must tighten the

lock nut. Some faucets appeared on the market now for enlarging the nut screw pipe is fixed, the effect is very good.
(b)The installation of a single basin faucet: When buying a single hand basin faucet should notice nozzle diameter, now in

the market most belong to the hard tube. So you should pay attention to the height of the nozzle on the reserved, 35 cm

down from the stage basin is most appropriate. When installation, it must be equipped with a special Angle valve, and Angle

valves must be fixed the wall.
(c)The installation of thermostatic faucet: Thermostatic tap before installation, you should check whether a drain left hot

right cold, must not mix the cold and hot water pipe. Gas, solar energy water heater can use constant temperature faucet,

because the water pressure is too low.

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